Cool space tunes!

Check out “Wakeup Like An Astronaut” on my web page, featuring the hilarious satirical space shuttle wake up music Michael J. Cahill created for me after the Challenger accident.


  1. HI Dr. Sullivan At today's veterans day event at the Air Force Museum in Dayton your name came up as a person the museum would like to host for a possible talk and book signing. Please contact me at and I can put you in touch with the event organizer. We would have loved to have had you there today. W.e had 50 veterans posted at their aircraft, but no one at the Shuttle.

  2. Hey Kathryn....

    Enjoyed your invu with Anne Diamond on Viking.TV. My wife is Director of Sales for Viking in Canada.... so she was on my case to have a look at it. I did.... your invu was the first, and I'm glad I heard your story.

    I smiled when you showed a pendant of sorts. As you've been higher and lower than all of us, and idea for a new pendant/medal came to me:

    On one side, your visage.
    On the other: "Every life should have its ups and downs."

    In your talks to schools, have a draw for half a dozen of them. The successful kids will have a constant reminder to 'go for it'.... whatever 'it' is.


    Robb Lucy


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